Issues with VirtualXposed on Non Rooted Devices

Hi guys i just thought to write up today about VirtualXposed, many people write me emails that It says Xposed not found in there devices in VirtualXposed but on some it works fine.

SELECT APPS option is only selectable in emulation when Patcher is able to hook,Patcher test itself if hook is working or not so when hooking failed it disables all xposed features.

Now there are two issues with VirtualXposed

1. On some firmwares VirtualXposed is not working as Patcher is unable to hook (it will says Xposed Module is not enabled or so), i can’t do anything with that because VirtualXposed is still in beta and for support please contact its developer weishu at or

2. On firmwares on which it works then for license emulation it works fine but for in app billing hack with consumable purchase (buying gems/coins i.e. which can be bought again & again) items it wont work, ISSUE :- because when popup comes VXP closes the old process (means your target app or game) and even when you click Buy it wont buy because the process is terminated,but if the app has non consumable purchase (pro/premium for apps i.e. one time purchase/subscriptions) then you can click SAVE PURCHASE option when popup comes so when the process is terminated,relaunching again will synchronize your purchase and you will get pro/premium automatically.

Well there is nothing i can do in this, i suggest you to ROOT your device or install Genuine Xposed by rovo/EdXposed with riru to open the full possibilities.


Best Regards,