Jasi Patcher v4.11 released

v4.11 (01/Jun/2020)
– Fixed some apps crashing when using billing emulation in previous release (critical fix).
– Updated downgrade apps hook with android 7+ support.
– Updated android version check on install.
– Updated disable signature of apk hook with android 7+ support now you can modify any file inside apk and install without signing, hooks needs reboot to take effect.
– Updated install apk with different signature over other same apk with different signature with android 7+ support, it is based on coderstory and it can install apk even when file is modified without resigning, so the above hook is useless for android 7+ if this is enabled.
– Added disable flag secure to allow video recording and screenshot in protected apps.
– Update install splits apks.
– Removed extension check on file selector, but only APK/APKS file will be modified/installed in emulation, if you have splits apk with extension zip/xapk, rename it to apks and make sure MAIN apk with name as ‘base.apk’ exists in archive else it won’t work.
– Bugs fixed.