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JASI PATCHER is an automated patching tool for android intended to bypass restrictions in the apps & games, it includes custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools and utilities.






Offline Simulation Of Android Market Servers For License And Billing, Store Purchases On Offline Databases.


Spoof To Mask IMEI Number, WiFi Mac Address, Bluetooth Mac Address, Hardware Serial, Manufacturer Serial, Brand, Manufacturer, Model, Device, Product, Hardware And Board.

App Manager

App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Launch, Uninstall, Backup APK/Data And Restore APK/Data.


Rebooter For Soft Reboot, Reboot, Power Off, Reboot Safe Mode, Reboot Recovery, Restart SystemUI And Reboot Download.


Change Themes, Fonts, Orientation, Languages, Animations, Sorting, Import & Export Settings And Haptic Feedback.


Custom Patches, Universal Patches, Support Patches To Bypass Android Apps And Games Restrictions.


Hooks To Make All Apps Debuggable, Disable Debugger Connect Check, Disable Android Version Check On Install, Allow Downgrade Apps, Disable Signature Check, Disable Signature Of APK, Disable Overlay Detection.

Ad Blocker

Block The Ads Permanently Without Even Touching Any Apps/Games Or Remove Ads By Patching Target App.


Cleaner To Clean The Cache Partition,Cache Of All Apps,Wipe Dalvik Cache And Wipe Unused Dalvik Odex With One Click.


Proper Support On Telegram Group, Google Hangouts And Email.

Changelog (Latest Version)

v4.11 (01/Jun/2020)

- Fixed some apps crashing when using billing emulation in previous release (critical fix).
- Updated downgrade apps hook with android 7+ support.
- Updated android version check on install.
- Updated disable signature of apk hook with android 7+ support now you can modify any file inside apk and install without signing, hooks needs reboot to take effect.
- Updated install apk with different signature over other same apk with different signature with android 7+ support, it is based on coderstory and it can install apk even when file is modified without resigning, so the above hook is useless for android 7+ if this is enabled.
- Added disable flag secure to allow video recording and screenshot in protected apps.
- Update install splits apks.
- Removed extension check on file selector, but only APK/APKS file will be modified/installed in emulation, if you have splits apk with extension zip/xapk, rename it to apks and make sure MAIN apk with name as 'base.apk' exists in archive else it won't work.
- Bugs fixed.

v4.10 (23/May/2020)
!!..I have spent a lot of time on this tool just for passion, thanks to all who supported me with donations/ideas/feedback, due to hard times and other responsibilities, update from now on is not guaranteed..!!
– Added support for non root devices, they have to create modified apk with support emulate for license/billing emulation to work, patching is allowed for universal apk as well as split apks.
– Added function to install apk/apks for nonroot in emulation.
– Updated billing emulation.
– Updated edxposed version check.
– Added backup and restore of splits apks.
– Added appear on top permission request to show billing popup on android 6 and up, should fix miui’s issue.
– Added systemless ads block in adblocker, needs to be enabled in magisk to take effect if not enabled automatically.
– Updated chinese translations.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.9 (25/Dec/2019)
!!..Merry christmas..!!
– Updated billing emulation.
– Fix hide from edxposed manager.
– Updated translations.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.8 (05/Jul/2019)
– Updated core patch engine.
– Fixed code patch/dalvik patch not working on some apps on android pie.
– Added algorithm to detect pathclassloader on pie and up.
– Added support for patching splits apps.
– Fixed critical 6 bytes issue in patch engine making some rare apps not patchable, thanks bro chelpus for the help in catching it.
– Fixed license/billing emulation not working on buggy roms with microg installed instead of original google services.
– Write detailed patch info to logs.
– Spanish translations updated by arley.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.7 (30/Jun/2019)
– Billing api v8 and v9 supported.
– Detect edxposed properly and also shows if module active or not in device details.
– Backup apk now allows taking backup of apk files with names other than english language using package name.
– Fixed restore apk not working.
– Fixed local host issue in ad blocker.
– Fixed crash when checking app info on some apps.
– Remove google+ related stuff.
– Updated telegram stuff.
– Added italian translations by giuseppe angelino.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.6 (15/Jan/2019)
– Fixed xposed issue in previous update my bad.

v4.5 (15/Jan/2019)
– Added support for patching on android pie.
– Fixed code patch not working for some apps on pie.
– Fixed cleanup after patch in oreo and above firmwares.
– Added icons to settings fragment.
– Fixed language not changed on nougat 7.1 and above.
– Fixed internal location selection list always empty on pie.
– Rework busybox function.
– Fixed automatic import settings doesn’t import old data.
– Fixed backup/restore of apps with unusual names.
– Xposed hooks updated.
– Updated russian translations.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.4 (28/Nov/2018)
!!..Not yet fully compatible with android pie, will be fixed in next updates..!!
– Added support for non root users with help of virtual xposed (virtual environment) they can use license and billing emulation on apps which are installed within virtual environment I.E. Virtual xposed, note hiding patcher option won’t work in virtual xposed as system hooks don’t work in vxp and before using on virtual xposed make sure google microg services are installed in vxp as well as jp module is enabled in vxp xposed installer with reboot done, ps target app needs to be force stop manually, see video at youtube.
– Fixed black screen frozen when clicked select apps option in emulation when no app with license or billing is installed.
– Disabled all root features for non root devices in virtual xposed.
– Added detailed app info option in universal patch.
– Reworked real time details while patching.
– Billing hack algorithm updated.
– Updated xposed hooks.
– Update custom patches.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.3 (22/Aug/2018)
– Fixed long awaited force close issue when opening universal patch, thanks nattawut khuanma for testing and following issue personally on telegram chat.
– Rework restore apk algorithm, only same apk version can be restored as installed.
– Play billing library is supported with support emulate patch with root only.
– Fixed crash when restoring apk when apk backup not found.
– Minor changes in automatic import settings.
– Updated german translations by intence.
– Update custom patch.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.2 (07/Aug/2018)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v4.1 (06/Aug/2018)
– When no animation is set in settings then disables activity animations as well.
– Fixed black screen and freezing on start on some low end devices.
– Fixed automatic check for updates.
– Fixed automatic import settings.
– Fixed notifications issues.
– Minor speed optimizations.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.0 (05/Aug/2018)
!!..Welcome to ‘www.jasi2169.com’ my official site..!!
!!..Jasi toolkit v2.0 is released, check the website to download..!!
– Renamed to jasi patcher from uret patcher, retired from uret team and thanks to uret team it was nice to be there, now time to move on.
– Patcher won’t recognize uret folder anymore, for import settings from patcher’s preferences make sure anything as ‘uret’ is renamed to ‘jasi’ in internal memory, but if uret patcher is installed and not hidden though will import settings automatically on first start.
– Rework algorithm for import settings from old package name of patcher bypassing secontext fix.
– Rework backup/restore data function, now it includes sdcard files of apps if they exist and also excludes unnecessary cache as well as compress with gzip to save space, backup taken with previous version is not supported.
– Fix when restoring apk, apk refused to run showing install from play store on some protected apps.
– Rework apk backup/restore function, now it can restore apk even with different versions of same app but if multiple apk backups are present then it restores current version but if it is not present then restores latest version from all apk backups, backup taken with previous version is not supported.
– Fixed infinite freeze when restoring data of apps/games with larger data on selinux firmwares, should be too quick now.
– Change package name of patcher and also change the certificates.
– Fixed patch result for patch and support emulate in case of apps having more than 3 classes.Dex and making screen unscrollable & hidden, now new pop up comes with result at the end.
– Refined status in universal patch to show details.
– Added ad blocker to block ads, check it out on dashboard.
– Refined rebooter commands to fix some strange issues on some firmwares.
– Rework busybox function and now extract inbuilt busybox on first start.
– Add core patch to emulation but with xposed only, if enabled will use legacy patching rather than using advanced mechanism patcher uses by default, add details in help in english.
– Added restart systemui in rebooter.
– Refined device details algorithm and should load detailed information of binaries including their location.
– Stop fetching details when hide device details is enabled to save some time.
– Added new icon and wallpaper thanks morpheus.
– Updated some custom patches.
– Removed some custom patches of expired apps.
– Removed download option in patch menu, I don’t provide any copyrighted product, get by your own for testing.
– Rework check for updates.
– Unpatching of code patch before updating is only required on kitkat or below devices, lollipop and up devices do not need unpatch the code patch before updating.
– Major optimizations and fixes under the hood.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.12 (02/Jul/2018)
– Fixed force close on resurrection remix or some custom roms due to null selinux result.
– Refined selinux algorithm as some roms required root access to get the information.
– Refined backup and restore of data, enjoy all advanced app manager features.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.11 (01/Jul/2018)
– Added option to backup and restore data of apps in universal patch.
– Added reboot safe mode,reboot download mode and reboot bootloader.
– Fixed option show all apps in emulation when no xposed found.
– Fixed selinux status as not supported when selinux disabled generally emulators.
– Fixed device name as unknown on some firmwares.
– Added busybox.
– Fixed typos.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.10 (20/Jun/2018)
!!..This is 50th update of patcher since it was launched on 26/Oct/2016 (20 months) fully working, customizable, advanced and mature product it has been now, keep supporting either by feedbacks, ideas or by donations (thanks)..!!
– Added device details on dashboard, which can be hidden from settings.
– Added option to show apps without license or billing permissions in emulation.
– Fixed crashes with previous version on very rare devices due to orientation issue.
– Removed unnecessary faqs.
– Minor bugs fixed.

v3.9 (19/Jun/2018)
!!..A lot of changes are done to support themes if you get any crashes or layout problems email me though proper testing has been done..!!
– Added light and dark themes in settings, dark is default theme.
– Added option to show system apps with license and billing permissions in emulation.
– Fixed crashes in landscape mode and sensor mode when changing to landscape mode.
– Removed header wallpaper on dashboard.
– Updated spoofs with reflection.
– Major optimizations done and compressed file size.
– I am updating latest strings time to time when I release any new version so make sure you pull requests with your translations to be added to up or email me, see here at github.

v3.8 (02/Jun/2018)
!!..Wordpress blog is removed same fate like blogspot so came to tumblr blog now at www.Jasi2169.Tumblr.Com and follow updates there..!!
– Added option to show system apps in universal patch.
– Brevent patch won’t be updated so won’t work on updates don’t ask why.
– Updated custom patch for poweramp and fixed shuffle issue in patch.
– Removed old call recorder patch and added new patch for new package name of latest call recorder, make sure you download and install the unlocker key from patcher only and it will only work on v3.0 beta 07 latest.
– Fixed xprivacy lua custom patch, my bad I missed additional patch in previous build.
– Fixed typos and old non working expired links.
– Couple of optimizations here and there.

v3.7 (31/May/2018)
– Tried workaround to fix crash while opening universal patch on some firmwares.
– Rework and optimized license and billing emulation algorithms to work with apps using new libraries.
– Added support for play billing library v1.X for billing emulation with xposed only, with root it doesn’t work out even on minimum targets due to limitations and also it requires play store to be installed else emulation won’t work.
– Now billing library api v1 to api v7 supported including vr.
– Fixed myket store license hook, my bad missed code to be added in previous build.
– Added custom patches for brevent, xprivacylua pro and drastic ds emulator.
– Removed custom patch for action launcher, use billing emulation on it and click save purchase when buy plus.
– Updated custom patches for elevate, lumosity, avira antivirus, avast antivirus, netguard, ttorrent, apex launcher and n7player.
– Minor optimization and fixes under the hood.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.6 (20/Apr/2018)
!!..This is pre birthday gift, happy birthday to me, cheers..!!
– Change package name.
– Compiled with updated support libraries.
– Now emulation will only show apps with license and billing libraries, should not load extra bunch of unwanted apps and will speed up loading.
– Added licensing emulation support for myket store of iran with xposed based emulation.
– Updated billing emulation for myket store and cafebazaar store of iran.
– Now emulation with xposed won’t select all apps on first start of emulation, you have to select manually the app you want emulation to work on.
– Now only those apps will be stopped in select apps option in emulation which are selected currently, not like all selected apps which were selected before like in old version so should speed up massively while saving.
– Fixed generate patch on android oreo 8 and 8.1 version.
– Fixed launch intent on oreo after downloading update or license keys does not open installer, you will be asked to enable ‘allow from this source’ make sure you enable it.
– Removed hide tools option from settings.
– Updated usb audio player custom patch will also unlock all plugins.
– Minor optimizations.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.5 (15/Mar/2018)
!!..I know generate patch is broken on android oreo, will be fixed when I get oreo update, emulators does not work as expected..!!
!!..If your any app do not work with internet or show error after enabling emulation send me logs I need more analyzing..!!
– Compiled with android oreo 8.1 sdk I.E. Api 27.
– Rework android version check on install hook.
– Updated nova launcher custom patch.
– Minor xposed compatibility updates.
– Lucky patcher package name updated.
– Translations repository added to github.
– Updated turkish translations by agabey_42.
– Added bengali (bangladesh) translations by joynul abadin rasel.
– Updated team uret info.
– Minor optimizations.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.4 (31/Oct/2017)
– Fixed xposed issues,reboot your device after this update.

v3.3 (31/Oct/2017)
– Make sure you reboot device not soft reboot on nougat,else it won’t work.
– Fixed xposed not found errors when using spoofs.
– Enhanced imei spoof with dual sim devices.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.2 (22/Oct/2017)
– Change package name, if old version is hidden with hide patcher option then patcher can’t import old settings automatically on first start, in that case either unhide before updating or import settings manually.
– Support emulate with root is refined, should work with more apps now.
– Magisk compatibility added with alternate algorithm for magisk root and magisk xposed.
– Fixed black screen when hide patcher or hide patching tools feature is used on devices with magisk installed.
– Fixed force close issue while saving apps in emulation fragment, weird issue god knows but fix works.
– Fixed force close on some android lollipop devices with selinux enforcing kernels.
– Fixed samsung knox checks.
– Bugs fixed.

v3.1 (20/Oct/2017)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v3.0 (19/Oct/2017)
!!..Happy diwali to all my indian buddies..!!
!!..You have to reboot your device after installing this update, not soft reboot do the full reboot..!!

– Rewrote the core mechanism of patch engine.
– Now automatically detects instruction set used by particular app on 64 bit OS so no need to select/unselect 32 bit instruction set anymore.
– Now compatible with official xposed for nougat.
– Added support for patching on android oreo.
– Fixed issue on samsung nougat stock roms with knox example on galaxy s7/s8 freezes on launch and then reboot device, now no need to flash selinux permissive kernel anymore on those roms.
– While saving selected apps for emulation, it will be force stop immediately, no need to do it manually.
– Now you can disable premium mode anytime, navigation menu > donate > disable/enable premium mode.
– Clear search item automatically when uninstalling the filtered app in universal patch.
– Updated LP latest package name to hide from other apps.
– Fixed extra memory leak while saving in emulation.
– Rework code and dalvik patch.
– Rework unpatching algorithm.
– Removed license hook in emulation, it is not required so use license emulation instead.
– Removed 32 bit instruction set option from settings as it is not required anymore.
– Added find on play store option in universal patch.
– Major optimizations done in patching mechanism, almost 15 lines work is now of 1 line, better speed up.
– Removed patch logging as it is time consuming.
– Removed hard anti-tamper checks.
– Done major changes under the hood which can not been seen with eyes, you know what major means ? Hell a lot.
– Translations updated.
– Faqs updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v2.11 (20/Jun/2017)
– Thanks for all the donations, you guys are giving your bit of contribution in this project by keeping me motivated, thanks again for your hidden support.
– In app billing hacking tutorial video with root and xposed both method shown at youtube.
– Fixed dalvik patch on dalvik runtime devices (affected OS 4.0 – 4.4) causing patched cache always zero bytes thanks to liu xingchen for reporting (critical fix).
– Faqs updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v2.10 (19/Jun/2017)
!!..If you use xposed module then soft reboot device after updating to this update so that xposed hooks can be updated..!!
– Added state of the art new patch type as generate patch, this is alternate of license patch but does not require xposed also no need to apply patch on every update just patch once and update as usual,it is just a quality and first idea ever used for hacking, for more info read help.

– some of the custom patch apps which were using license patch are moved to generate patch, so root users can also patch it which does not require xposed.
– Added options clear data, kill app, uninstall, backup apk and restore apk in universal patch fragment, apk is backed up at uret directory in internal memory with apk name, version and build number pattern.
– Now along with backing up patcher’s settings it will also backup stored in app purchases database if it exist, also while restoring settings if in app purchases database backup exists it will restore it as well.
– Updated custom patches for some apps.
– Added algorithm to fetch pattern to dummy array for unused space in target app, some apps tricked me it’s my time to trick them.
– Now custom patch list will show icons of installed apps,if app is not installed then show default icon.
– Added option to disable loading of application icons in settings, once disabled it will use default icons for all apps and will speed up loading of apps.
– Added option to ‘wipe dalvik cache’ and ‘wipe unused dalvik odex’ in cleaner, use wipe unused dalvik odex on dalvik runtime to remove unused odex of all apps which are not installed anymore, should fix error ‘enough space not available’ comes when you forget to unpatch before updating.
– Rework loading of apps in custom patch fragment from already supplied list.
– Rework loading of installed apps in universal patch fragment.
– Now all user installed apps will be loaded in universal patch even if app has no launch intent, some apps like license keys (ex. Jota plus pro key) were not loaded with old algorithm of loading apps, it’s fixed now.
– Fixed apps were not showing in universal patch which had no permissions in their manifest, should show now.
– Fix channel stream to prevent crashes on heavy apps.
– Fixed scrolling in emulation UI.
– Rework universal patch status fetching.
– Fix cleaning task while patching.
– Speed up loading of installed apps in universal patch fragment.
– Add workaround to fix force close while opening universal patch fragment.
– Added uret patcher club in find me option.
– Strings in hook fragment are now translated to different languages instead of only english.
– Added arabic translations by marwan alsidi.
– Added german translations by intence.
– Translations updated.
– Faqs updated.
– Bugs fixed.
– Turkish and chinese traditional translations are not yet updated to new strings, if you are translator or want to translate email me.

v2.9 (19/May/2017)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v2.8 (18/May/2017)
– Some applications had extra checks so emulation did not worked on it, so use support patch from universal patch fragment on target app and then using emulation will bypass those tricks.
– Change package name of patcher, it was necessary don’t ask why.
– Added old package name checker, now it will scan all old packages of uret patcher installed in your device, if found then it will import old settings, uninstall old packages and reload automatically on first run, keep in mind it requires uret patcher not hidden so if you have enabled hide patcher option in settings then it won’t work, if you use xposed for uret patcher then after that you have to enable module and soft reboot device as well.
– Added support for license and billing emulation with root, it requires ‘support emulate’ patch from universal patch to target app to work, keep in mind root kind of emulation is not even close to xposed kind of emulation.
– License and billing emulation with root is only compatible with google play store apps, so other market like cafebazaar and myket store in iran which is supported by patcher’s billing emulation is only supported with xposed emulation, due to limitation only one can be supported and I choose google play store as it is default store for android.
– Now when licensing emulation is turned off it won’t catch license request from any app useful when app is using old lvl library, because some apps use old licensing library (eg. Poweramp unlocker v2 build 26 etc), when licensing emulation is turned on (even turned off in up v2.6 and below) and also app is not even selected in per app based list still they are not licensed from legal license because patcher interfere due to old lvl library and per app based selection do not work so turn off licensing emulation and now it will not interfere in any license request and once licensed you can turn on emulation back.
– Billing emulation will be completely disabled now same as license emulation when it is turned off to fix old billing libraries issues with legal purchases.
– When you open emulation UI, while loading the installed apps, it will remove saved apps selection if the app is no more installed so you have to select the same app again if you reinstall it again, just to remove extra space taken by apps in preferences which are not installed anymore.
– Saving the list in emulation won’t freeze UI anymore when plenty of apps are installed.
– Fixed vibration in emulation UI even when it’s turned off.
– Now custom patch support goldendict v1.6.5 kitkat plus edition apk as well.
– Added help option for emulation in emulation fragment, please read it before using emulation to know how it works.
– Added help option for universal patch details, please read it to know its working.
– Fixed focus in emulation UI.
– Updated billing algorithms.
– Moved information of spoof and hook to help option.
– Fix spoof and hook fragment.
– Tools fragment is integrated to patch fragment.
– Speed up patcher by almost 5 seconds, also it won’t freeze UI anymore like it use to when press back from settings or from patch menu or loading patch fragment.
– Code optimizations and refactoring.
– Added faqs option in menu for frequently asked questions.
– New site link added in find me ‘www.Jasi2169.Wordpress.Com’ as blogspot won’t be live ever and new donate link updated along with paytm donation support added for indian users.
– Translations updated.
– New strings in turkish translation are not proper and are translated from google translate, if you want to fix translation please email me.
– Bugs fixed.

v2.7 (21/Apr/2017)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v2.6 (20/Apr/2017)
– Added per app based feature in emulation UI, select the apps you want to emulate, by default all user installed apps are selected, if you unselect any app then even if emulation is turned on that app won’t be hooked, should be used to exclude legal bought apps.
– Try fix black screen, black screen only comes in first start when it ask for root permission and it does not get any response from root management app leads to wait for root permission and black screen comes in, try to run root management app like supersu and then launch it again.
– Added support for billing hack for iran’s cafebazaar and myket store.
– Launching remove stored purchases will also clean up stored database.
– Minor clean up and bugs fixed.

v2.5 (19/Apr/2017)
!!..Change the signature of patcher so you can not update it anymore ,you have to uninstall old version and install this one as a fresh..!!
– Added billing emulation for in app purchase in apps and games which can work offline, read all details in emulation UI before using it also after installing soft reboot device so that hooks can get updated.
– Watch uret patcher billing and license emulation tutorial on youtube.
– Added new license emulation which will work offline and does not require play store installed, should be handy for users like iran and china.
– Removed ‘soft license emulation’ as it is old way of licensing technique and innovative ‘extreme license emulation’ is renamed to ‘license hook’ which need play store installed to intercept and internet connection and note that both ‘license emulation’ and ‘license hook’ can not be applied together.
– If you have legal license or legal purchases, then turn off all ‘license emulation’, ‘billing emulation’ , ‘license hook’ because anyone of them turned on will create problem in legal license and purchase, you can also use emulation on your real license or purchases it will work fine in most of the cases.
– At the moment emulation only work when xposed is installed, I will work on support patch for apps to make it work with root in future updates but it won’t be close to xposed kind of patching.
– Added option in emulation menu to remove stored purchases, always store purchases for non consumable items like buying pro or premium upgrade.
– Emulation detail is added in english in emulation UI, that detail can be selected by holding so users from different region can use google translate to convert to their language to know how it actually working.
– Now emulation does not need soft reboot, after enabling any emulation just force stop that app you want emulation to work on, but it is better to soft reboot to work properly.
– Apps using piracy checker library can be patched now from universal patch.
– Universal patch UI will also show which apps has in app purchase and which does not.
– Rework sorting in universal patch UI, man this thing use up your all mind, so how this works now, license found/in app found/ads found then license found/in app found/ads not found then license found/in app not found/ads found then license found/in app not found/ads not found then license not found/in app found/ads found then license not found/in app found/ads not found then license not found/in app not found/ads found then nothing found (so priority license check > in app purchase > ads) and vice versa for status bottom.
– Try workaround to speed up patcher.
– My blog ‘www.Jasi2169.Blogspot.Com’ is removed now, for updates check on my google+ and twitter and for releases check my release page on uret portal.
– Bugs fixed.

v2.4 (12/Apr/2017)
!!..Today uret patcher got 6 months old, I can see a lot of progress in buddy..!!
!!..If you find apps protected with obfuscators feel free to let me know..!!
!!..Thanks for donations whoever did, this motivates me to work on updates and innovate something new..!!
– Join uret patcher google+ community for updates, features request, bugs or anything related to up google+ community.
– Uret patcher can be uploaded to aptoide store now by anybody no error message while uploading, thanks aptoide team.
– Change the package name of patcher, at the moment package randomizer is not added if it get blacklisted more I will add it in future, so export settings from previous version and uninstall it and then install this and import settings and if you use xposed then enable module in it and then soft reboot.
– Added custom patches for rocket player unlocker, superbeam pro unlocker, real cricket 16, hill climb racing 2, app cloner which is protected with dp.
– Rocket player unlocker and superbeam pro unlocker can be downloaded from the download option in patch menu, uploaded by users.
– Updated patch for franco kernel updater and rar for android.
– Updated license patterns in universal patch, n3 pattern is added to patch apps which uses libraries to protect license.
– Now universal patch will show all apps with launch intent in list and also label it which app check for license and which does not, you can patch apps even it does not have license check permission.
– Rework sorting, ‘installed top’ is named to ‘status top’ and ‘installed bottom’ to ‘status bottom’, the ‘status top’ in custom patch list will make ‘installed apps’ top and in case of universal patch it will make ‘license check found’ apps and ‘google ads found’ on top and then ‘license check found’ but ‘google ads not found’ and then ‘license check not found’ and ‘google ads found’ and followed by nothing found and vice versa in case of status bottom.
– Now universal patch also shows if app has google ads present or not.
– Added patch pattern to remove google ads from apps in universal patch.
– Fix time delay in loading of universal patch UI.
– Fix terms of use and storage selection pop up overlapping on some devices on first start.
– Fixed force close on some emulators due to outofmemoryexception.
– Rework download option in patch menu, should load in offline mode.
– Added search filter to filter custom patches as well as universal patch apps list, you can filter by app name or package name.
– Included google+ community link in find me.
– Moved find me option to navigation menu.
– Downloading any unlocker key from server with in patcher will save it with key name not upd default name.
– Rework reboot feature in tools.
– Added cleanup before patching to fix hang issue comes if patcher is interrupted while patching on just previous run.
– Rework custom patches apps list and universal patch apps list.
– Enhanced license emulation.
– Updated sdk check hook.
– Align hook and spoof UI properly.
– Rework menu items, also reload option is moved in menu.
– Added compile date of patcher as well as my avatar in about, hell yeah.
– Updated team info.
– Minor UI fixes in fragments.
– Lots of code refactoring.
– Minor optimizations and performance improvements.
– All reported bugs on email are fixed.

v2.3 (13/Mar/2017)
– Added option in hook to disable signature of apk so you can modify the files inside apk without signing it again.
– Added option in hook to bypass pop up overlay detected while granting permissions.
– Added apply all option in spoof to apply all values with one click.
– Rework spoof UI and fix keyboard open on launch of spoof activity.
– Try workaround to speed up patcher.
– Xposed hooks updated.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v2.2 (11/Mar/2017)
– As requested by many people who can not donate genuinely, I have removed premium restriction, to enable premium go to patcher donate option and click ‘enable premium mode’ and bingo premium for free.
– Added custom patches for andftppro key, arktube, stellio music player.
– Rework universal patch and license emulation.
– Stellio music player unlocker can be downloaded from the download option in patch menu, uploaded by users, only that unlocker will make it work, do not download other unlocker.
– Updated terms of use, donate and about information.
– Translations updated.
– Minor optimizations.
– Bugs fixed.
!!..To stay safe always check md5 hash code of up apk given on blog post and download from my blog only www.Jasi2169.Blogspot.Com just in case..!!

v2.1 (27/Feb/2017)
– Extreme license emulation is stable now, no more beta and can be used by everybody to license hard apps.
– Enhanced license emulation massively, it will show you license emulation errors in xposed logs.
– Added custom patch for root call sms manager.
– ExKernel manager patch fixed for latest version causing crash on art.
– Added old mi band tools custom patch again on user’s request.
– xpose hooks enhanced to support custom firmwares.
– Added option to select default internal storage location, when you click internal storage location in settings it will show one more option as ‘default’ to select default location calculated by patcher itself.
– couple of UI fixes on some firmwares.
– Added indonesian by faqih.
– Added turkish by ahmed yasin.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.
– If any patch does not work on update please email me and let me know asap.
!!..Patcher is free for all in patching tasks, two features spoof and hook are utilities which are not related to patching so it does not create problem for users who can not donate, they are added for people who can see my hard work goes behind the scene and want to thank or support me with their little donation and keep me motivated, thanks for your support, enjoy free patching..!!

v2.0 (24/Feb/2017)
!!..This release is dedicated to indian space research organisation #isro for making indians proud..!!
– Added license emulation in tools,with soft emulation you can patch easy and moderate apps,with extreme emulation hard apps can be licensed,it is clone of google servers.
– Uret patcher is universal patcher now include custom patches, universal patch with root, license emulation with xpose and also license emulation video in action can be seen here at youtube.
– Added random and clear option in spoof toolbar to random and clear all fields respectively.
– Added brand,board,product,device name to spoof.
– Updated game killer patch,now it unpacks code in memory and patcher will patch in memory directly.
– Added patch for floating windows pro and removed patch for mi band tools,I don’t have xiaomi device can’t debug update patches.
– Added option to reset settings of patcher.
– Added launch option in patch menu as well as in universal patch to launch app from the patcher.
– Added persian farsi by farshid.
– Translations updated by default translators and russian updated by gjf@4pda.
– Major bugs fixed.
– Translators can grab free donation key for patcher, if you translated uret patcher then email me with request text file.
!!..Sometimes you may get not licensed even with emulation turned on because the data is null, so you may try clearing data of play store or app and reconfiguring them or try check internet connection or reboot, you can see the xposed logs when this issue comes..!!

v1.26 (03/Feb/2017)
– Updated universal patch mask,can patch even if reflection used.
– Fix freeze in universal patch on some firmwares.

v1.25 (02/Feb/2017)
– Added patch for audio evolution mobile studio and digical calendar protected with dexguard enterprise.
– Digical+ calendar license key will be shown in download menu option,uploaded by users on server.
– Rework license patch module.
– Translations updated.
– Minor UI fixes.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.24 (24/Jan/2017)
– Added patch for apex launcher,temple run 2,tapet infinite wallpapers protected with dexguard.
– Fix blackness while launch on previous build.
– Fix force closes on previous build on some firmwares.
– Added portuguese (brazil) by guilherme sousa.
– Minor optimizations in some algorithms.
– If any patch does not work on update please email me and let me know asap.

v1.23 (14/Jan/2017)
– Fix issues on some cm firmwares.
– Rework firmware and patch analysis algorithm.
– Added hooks to install app with different signature over currently installed with other signature and allow downgrade apps.
– Updated xposed hooks.
– Bugs fixes.

v1.22 (11/Jan/2017)
– To make it work for all users the old donation key file won’t work anymore,to get new donation key file please go to patcher menu > donate > generate request and then send me email along with the generated request text file attached to get new key,sorry for inconvenience.
– Updated donate link,indian users can use bhim app for donation.
– Added patch for chomp sms,elevate brain training and lumosity brain training.
– Added soft reboot in reboot menu in tools.
– Rework spoof UI,now you can reset and patch on per spoof basis.
– Added spoof for manufacturer name,model name,hardware chip.
– Added hook in tools for disable android version check of applications while installing means if app is meant to install for android 7 and you have android 5 you can install it too but I don’t guarantee if app will work stable,debug all apps,disable debugger connected check for debugging protected apps.
– Importing the settings while tools fragment is open won’t crash patcher anymore.
– Rework import settings, now it will restart the app to apply changes immediately to patcher.
– Stability improvements and crash fixes.
– Updated team info,some team members got retired.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.21 (03/Jan/2017)
– Critical fix in previous version patch engine.
– Added manufacturer serial number spoof i.e. Can be seen in about of samsung devices don’t know about other brands what they show in about i.e. Manufacturer serial or hardware serial,anyone of them is shown in about.
– Updated previous spoof methods.
– Added patch for eds encrypted data store and wicap network sniffer pro.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.20 (01/Jan/2017)
!!..Happy new year 2017..!!
– Added spoof option in tools to change imei number (don’t apply on stolen or found devices), hardware serial, bluetooth mac address, wifi mac address, it is working better than paid apps on play store and also working on marshmallow and up bypassing restrictions but only available for premium users who donated just a token for them,reboot device to spoof changes everywhere including system apps.
– Added badges for donation as premium user else basic user badge will be shown,if you have donated via paypal then email me with details to get premium code file.
– Rework analysis and detection of firmwares for better patching.
– Rework patch engine to speed up process.
– Minor changes in UI.
– Fixed black patches in UI on android 4.1.X and below.
– Fixed apps list overlaps while scrolling when animations are enabled.
– Added small scroll indicator on right side of apps list.
– Fixed force close on some firmwares while importing the settings.
– Fixed patcher showing twice in recent tasks.
– Checkboxes are now replaced with switches in settings.
– Enhanced speed from previous build.
– Minor optimizations so decreased size of patcher from previous build.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.19 (14/Dec/2016)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v1.18 (13/Dec/2016)
– Added donation badge for users who donated for my small work 🙂 ,badge is linked to email account login in device,just a small token for them,patcher is free and all functionality for all users is same.
– Added patch for focus picture gallery,gallery vault,aida64,ex kernel manager,touchpal keyboard.
– Added option in settings to hide fab button.
– Increased launch speed from previous build.
– Minor optimizations from previous build.
– Fix random crashes on some firmwares in previous build.
– Fix other languages not showing in other than portrait orientation mode.
– Fix UI not loading as expected on some firmwares.
– Now patcher will check update only once a day automatically,if autoupdate is checked in settings,previous version keeps sending request when patcher is running, too load on server.
– Added terms of use,accept to use the patcher.
– UI fully supports android 4.2 and up,below versions can see some black backgrounds instead of grey due to api restrictions,I am not adding different layouts to fix it,its very old OS majority of people have got updated now.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

v1.17 (09/Dec/2016)
– Universal patch made effective,how to make it work on apps (simple method :- universal patch > patch, moderate method :- universal patch > support patch, extreme method :- universal patch > support patch and then universal patch > patch, it will hook public key on the fly,for best results make sure play store is installed).
– Added patch for franco kernel updater on high demand,n7player music player,avira antivirus security,nova launcher,rar for android.
– Now you can select and copy package name and version of app in patch menu,just hold on it select option appears.
– Rework check for updates.
– Added option in main menu to reload the app.
– Added option in settings to check updates automatically,it will only check when patcher is running,patcher never runs at background,only select if really required because it is overload on server which is free third party,do not have money to buy server.
– Added option in settings to export and import settings.
– Update supersu visible patch in tb.
– Rework cache function.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixes.

v1.16 (07/Dec/2016)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v1.15 (06/Dec/2016)
– This release is dedicated to bro igorca@uret or igorca@4pda for his 500th release in team.
– Make sure you always run apps before patching as new engine update requires it.
– Added multidex support and must have update.
– Now patch result will show the name of classes which has been patched.
– Added patch for picsart photo studio with quality for free shopping, avast mobile security, talon for twitter and vault hide sms, pics & videos.
– Added new pattern n2 in universal patch for license mechanism from google play,for better result make sure google play store is installed.
– Rework universal patch n1.
– massive changes in patch mechanism.
– Fix some extra space taken by checksums work.
– Couple of changes for future versions and compatibility.
– Updated chinese traditional and french translations.
– Bugs fixed.
– Haters won’t be allowed anymore,I am working 10-12 hours per day for free,you do not deserve it,buy the apps and support the developers.
!!..If you have hided uret patcher,lucky patcher,game killer,freedom from patcher and you want to update these apps then unhide the apps from patcher’s settings then update and hide them again otherwise you may not or may get not installed error while updating..!!
!!..Some people compare uret patcher with lucky patcher,lucky patcher is universal tool is like a parent by my bro and master chelpa and uret patcher is like a child which work as per app based,for universal patching consider lucky patcher and freedom as uret patcher is only designed for popular apps and hard apps which trick lucky patcher and freedom and need per app based patches due to their enhanced protection and also includes patches for some apps I use,why not ? My tool I can include whatever I want 😉 ..!!

v1.14 (02/Dec/2016)
– Show your love for patcher by following on google+ and twitter.
– Uret android reverser toolkit v1.4 for android reversers can be downloaded from here download.
– Added patch for dexguarded jota+ text editor with quality dedicated to russian brothers for 4pda community,also root and cloud worked.
– Add patch for shuttle music player.
– Fixed unpatching of license and hook patch my bad.
– Fixed settings backup.
– Minor fixes in patch results.
– Stability improvements.

v1.13 (30/Nov/2016)
– Added support patch in universal patch menu,sometimes apps only require support patch,sometime when app requires both patches then apply support patch first and then apply patch,never apply support patch after patch otherwise patch will be lost.
– Rework fetching of patch result.
– Added couple of changes for future versions for compatibility and workup.
– Added patch for zetatorrent pro,next launcher 3d,ttorrent lite,applock.
– Call recorder by skvalex can be patched with root only,xpose not required anymore,but reboot required as before.
– Added option in settings to hide lucky patcher,freedom,game killer from other apps except system.
– Added notice on 64 bit firmwares before patching regarding instruction set,which can be disabled anytime.
– Help and troubleshoot now use charset utf-8 for all languages.
– Fab hides itself when you scroll apps list.
– Added spanish by mingo rodriguez.
– Previous translations updated.
– French and chinese traditional are still not updated to latest strings,if you are translator please check email or you want to translate email me.
– Minor bugs fixed.

v1.12 (27/Nov/2016)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v1.11 (26/Nov/2016)
– Added option in settings to use 32 bit instruction set for patching on 64 bit firmwares,as some 64 bit firmwares by some oem uses 32 bit and some uses 64 bit,by default patcher will use 64 bit instruction set on 64 bit firmwares,if patch do not work after patching on 64 bit firmwares then you can select to use 32 bit instruction set in settings,I do not know if it is based on devices or on per apps,you can enable and disable in settings whatever suits you.
– Critical bugs fixed in patching mechanism of 64 bit firmwares.
– Enhanced module patch.
– Added patches for textra sms, netguard, utorrent, bittorrent, multiwindow commander.
– Added ukrainian by volodiimr@4pda.
– Bugs fixed.
!!..Patches for different applications in the patcher are made this way so that it can work on plenty of upcoming updates..!!

v1.10 (23/Nov/2016)
– Added patch for dexguarded call recorder by skvalex demand on the internet is very high,proper working from v2.2.6 to v2.3.4 latest.
– Added patch for jetaudio music player plus for license and plugins patch and flightradar24 flight tracker patch for inapp purchases unlock.
– Fix save patch and hook patch on some firmwares.
– Replace notarized font with merienda which is default font of patcher and replace stripy font with bender,I am sure you will love new fonts.
– Fix crash on android 7 when open update to install.
– Fix permissions.
– Bugs fixed.
!!..Reboot device after every update for hooks to take effects..!!
!!..Never clear data or uninstall patcher after patching otherwise license and hook patched apps will be unpatched..!!
!!..If you installed patcher first time and enabled module in xposed then reboot it ,don’t soft reboot it instead full reboot it..!!

v1.9 (19/Nov/2016)
– This is a massive update under the hood waking up all sleepless nights,full changes can’t be seen.
– Now 64bit cpus ie arm64,mips64 and x86_64 are fully supported.
– Rework code and dalvik patch for art.
– Rework unpatch module.
– Fix patch gets removed on reboot on 64bit OS.
– Rework universal patch.
– Enhanced xposed module.
– Fix xposed error of unable to hook license patch.
– Update patch for titanium backup,now pro patch has two types n1 and n3,only one will be successful and lead to pro version,if both failed pro wont be patched.
– Added patch for poweramp music player,do not guarantee updates very sneaky custom protection.
– Added patch for evolvesms,patch once and update lifetime.
– Added option in settings to sort apps list based on installed status i.e. Installed apps top or bottom,also installed top in universal patch make apps list ascending and vice versa.
– Enhanced universal patch for gameloft games,almost majority games of gameloft can be bypassed with universal patch.
– Added stunning patcher wallpaper by bro m0rpheus@uret.
– Add vietnamese localization by phi hung.
– Add polish localization by michal gargulec.
– Fix couple of strings of chinese traditional strings by zinno tse.
– Minor optimizations.
– Bugs fixed.
– I am giving my all day/nights in patcher,if any issue feel free to email me, don’t ignore it.
!!..Uret patcher is my personal patcher i.e. All application patches are individually cracked by me as well,so do not send me request to include your patches as it will only include my own work,if you want to send patches then give custom patches to bro chelpa in lucky patcher..!!

v1.8 (14/Nov/2016)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v1.7 (13/Nov/2016)
– Added patch for mx player pro (v1.7.38 – v1.8.10), it means for example patch is tested with lower v1.7.38 and higher v1.8.10,so it may work in between updates or may not work,same goes for other apps.
– Added universal patch in tools (only shows list of apps which check for google license),you can use to patch any installed application which check google license,it is very effective to remove license checks of apps,it rework license mechanism of apps from patcher,it may work or may not,it will be expanded in future.
– Added patch for solid explorer needs multiple patches (priority code patch).
– Now save patch type are of three types at backend works as per apps requirements.
– Added option to download license keys for some apps (uploaded by users) in patch menu,in patch menu action bar will show download option.
– Fix crashes while patching with dalvik and code patch sometimes,was faulty module fixed (very critical fix).
– Fixed sorting according to ascending mode in select internal storage dialog,no more case sensitive based.
– Added option to disable animation in settings.
– Added option to use system default font in settings.
– Added chinese traditional localization by zinno tse.
– Minor changes.

v1.6 (09/Nov/2016)
– Added hook patch and save patch module,finally all patch type are coded and completed,enhancements will be done time to time.
– Add patch for subway surfers (save patch type just for formality),goldendict (hook patch).
– Minor changes in UI.
– Added couple of animations for apps list,can be selected in settings.
– Added couple of fonts,can be selected in settings.
– Added chinese simplified localization by g2159687.
– Added french localization by arghtefact.
– Bug fixes.

v1.5 (05/Nov/2016)
– Added native patch.
– Add patch for mini militia i.e. Native patch.
– Rework code patch, dalvik patch for lollipop and up.
– Fix arm64 issues,if you still have issues on your 64bit OS like patch gone on reboot email me.
– Make patch engine compatible with emulators i.e. Tested on genymotion.
– Rework unpatching of code patch.
– Now try to hook itself before making license patch to other apps,if failed try to reboot or exit patcher with exit option in patcher menu.
– Rework taking patching logs,it was null even if data found.
– Now copies settings in uret folder for better troubleshoot.
– Show install status of apps on main screen now.
– Added russian localization by carpenter”S_son@4pda.
– Update help and troubleshooting for hindi language.
– Couple of changes in xposed module.
– A lot of small changes under the hood.
– Two patch type left to code :- hook,save,after that new apps will be added.

v1.4 (02/Nov/2016)
– Testing release for testers,couple of changes for test.

v1.3 (31/Oct/2016)
– Hot fix rework patching mechanism.
– Fix crash while updating in android 7.
– Rework system detection and patch analyses on some firmwares.
– Rework license patch.
– Fix links in troubleshooting.
– Small optimizations and bugs fixed.

v1.2 (30/Oct/2016)
!!..Happy diwali to my indian brothers..!!
– Add patch for aide android ide.
– Fix android 7 crash bug.
– Make xposed module compatible with android 7.
– Rework unpatching of license patch.
– Rework UI of main screen and patch menu.
– Couple of minor changes in fragments.
– Added animations in apps list.
– Fix orientation in patch menu.
– Fix apps list not scrolling in android kitkat and below.
– Updated help instructions.
– Dozen of bugs fixed.

v1.1 (27/Oct/2016)
– Added new patch type ‘module patch’,it can also be used alone or along with other patches when required based on application checks (see help for more info).
– Added patches for some more apps.
– Now click patch will result in immediate patching no more 3-4 seconds delay.
– Unpatching will not freeze UI anymore.
– Added cleaner to clean apps cache and cache partition in tools.
– Patcher now copies patching logs in default uret folder for better troubleshoot analysis.
– Now updates will be downloaded from within patcher so no more rely on external browser.
– Logcat will give more details now.
– If result shows patched but app is not patched,try patching after reboot (only happen in rare cases when resources are busy).
– Also if result shows patched but app is not patched,make sure play store account is login in device (some apps require it).
– Minor optimizations and better speed up.
– Updated help and troubleshooting information.
– Couple of strings fixed.
– Couple of bugs fixed.
– Out of seven type of patches only 4 are coded :- code,dalvik,license and module,left to code :- save,native,hook patch types,hopefully in updates.

v1.0 (26/Oct/2016)
– Initial release.
– Special thanks bro chelpa for his help in fixing dalvik patch integrity before I needed two steps to patch with different patterns now with his help only one step works also just with one pattern special thanks to him.
– Only code patch, dalvik patch and license patch are available,hook patch,save patch and native patch will be available in updates and I kept them unfinished in patcher at the moment.

Frequently asked questions

Please Uncheck ‘Hide Patcher’ Option In Patcher’s Settings And Try Again.

(License Hook Removed In v3.0) Try To Run Play Store And Press Home Button And Now Force Stop The Target App And Then Launch It

Enable Target App In The ‘Select Apps’ Option In Emulation Fragment, If You Do Not Have Xposed Then This Option Can Not Be Clicked So Use ‘Support Emulate’ Patch From Universal Patch Fragment To Target App And Now Force Stop The App And Launch The App.

Enable Target App In The ‘Select Apps’ Option In Emulation Fragment, If You Do Not Have Xposed Then This Option Can Not Be Clicked So Use ‘Support Emulate’ Patch From Universal Patch Fragment To Target App And Now Force Stop The App And Launch The App And Now While Buying The Pop Up Will Come.

Some Apps Require You To Relaunch Them So Force Stop Or Clear App From Recent And Now After Launching It Again They Should Be In Bought State.

Emulation With Root Has Limitation Because To Work It Depends On Target Application’s Code Where As In Xposed Emulation Nothing Is Required From Target App, If It Does Not Work Then Most Probably Patcher Is Unable To Inject In Target App So Use Xposed Emulation Because It’s Just A Quality.

Patch Has Custom Patterns For Example N1 And N2 Are Two Different Patterns, It Is Not Necessary N1 Will Be In All Classes.dex, So It Should Say N1 Patched At Least Once In Any Of The Multi Classes.dex Present In App, It Can Be Found In All Classes.dex Or Some Of Them Depend On App So What Matters Different Patterns N1 Or N2 Both Should Say Patched At Least Once In Result No Matters How Many Multi Classes.dex Are Present In App, You Can Try Run The Target App To See The Outcome.

It Means The Patch Supplied In Custom Patch For Target App Is Tested On Old Version v1.0.0 And Latest Version v2.0.0 So It May Not Be Possible Every Time It Will Patch Middle Of Versions Or Older Than v1.0.0 Or Newer Than v2.0.0, It May Work Or May Not But It Should Work On Those It Is Tested With For Sure.

Try To Turn Internet On Because Some Apps Detect If Internet Is Off And If Off Then Does Not Send Request For Buying.

In Your Root Management App Make Grant Root As Default Setting, Once Patcher Gets Root Access You Can Change Root Management App’s Settings Back To Previous One.

Have ideas , queries or feedbacks for Jasi Patcher ? Contact Me