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jasi patcher

Jasi Patcher v4.11 released

v4.11 (01/Jun/2020) – Fixed some apps crashing when using billing emulation in previous release (critical fix). – Updated downgrade apps hook with android 7+ support. – Updated android version check …

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About Me

Hi this is Jaspreet Singh aka Jasi2169 and I love creating things that are meaningful and effective. I believe mind is most powerful thing we have so use it and see the power!


I first started in the computer world way back in 2005 in school when we used to do MS Paint,that time i used to play games from DVDs that’s how life started and by somehow i couldn’t able to use computer for many years in between.

Again time changed and in 2011 got brand new Laptop and again started playing games and time passed by and got my first android phone in Dec 2011 Samsung Galaxy Y,life changed from there as i installed one app from Market but it stopped working after 15 days and i loved it so i searched how could i get it for free as i could not afford so that i can use it,Got reversed version on Internet and that’s how i got interest how it can work like that what made it work made me curious, met with ChelpuS who reversed it and he became my inspiration and rest is history.

I am graduated in BS Information Technology (Hons.) and have license of that app as i can buy now including all the other apps i use and i believe we should support developers and development of the product we use but my reversing love and eagerness to learn something new and new keep me going.

I love helping needy people though i am not rich but it gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind which i believe is meaning of life.


My vision is simple stay low life and utilize your mind and learn!
Just don’t be greedy for money because money is something which takes away your family, friends and peace of mind and bring stress so enjoy each and every moment of life and help needy people that’s all.

/* Jasi2169 */
package jasi2169.com.jasi2169;

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;
import java.io.*;

public class vision {

 public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {

 private static String[] vision() {
    String[] r = new String[] {"Learning","Helping","Peace"};
    return r;