Jasi Patcher v4.0 has been released now and available for download!

Finally i have released Jasi Patcher v4.0 now as you were waiting for it from very long and added full YouTube video tutorial as well to understand it better,it is available to download.

Jasi Patcher


v4.0 (05/Aug/2018)
!!..Welcome To ‘www.jasi2169.com’ My Official Site..!!
!!..Jasi Toolkit v2.0 Is Released, Check The Website To Download..!!
– Renamed To Jasi Patcher From Uret Patcher, Retired From Uret Team And Thanks To Uret Team It Was Nice To Be There, Now Time To Move On.
– Patcher Won’t Recognize URET Folder Anymore, For Import Settings From Patcher’s Preferences Make Sure Anything As ‘Uret’ Is Renamed To ‘Jasi’ In Internal Memory, But If Uret Patcher Is Installed And Not Hidden Though Will Import Settings Automatically On First Start.
– Rework Algorithm For Import Settings From Old Package Name Of Patcher Bypassing SEContext Fix.
– Rework Backup/Restore Data Function, Now It Includes SDCard Files Of Apps If They Exist And Also Excludes Unnecessary Cache As Well As Compress With GZip To Save Space, Backup Taken With Previous Version Is Not Supported.
– Fix When Restoring APK, APK Refused To Run Showing Install From Play Store On Some Protected Apps.
– Rework APK Backup/Restore Function, Now It Can Restore APK Even With Different Versions Of Same App But If Multiple APK Backups Are Present Then It Restores Current Version But If It Is Not Present Then Restores Latest Version From All APK Backups, Backup Taken With Previous Version Is Not Supported.
– Fixed Infinite Freeze When Restoring Data Of Apps/Games With Larger Data On SELinux Firmwares, Should Be Too Quick Now.
– Change Package Name Of Patcher And Also Change The Certificates.
– Fixed Patch Result For Patch And Support Emulate In Case Of Apps Having More Than 3 Classes.dex And Making Screen Unscrollable & Hidden, Now New Pop Up Comes With Result At The End.
– Refined Status In Universal Patch To Show Details.
– Added Ad Blocker To Block Ads, Check It Out On Dashboard.
– Refined Rebooter Commands To Fix Some Strange Issues On Some Firmwares.
– Rework Busybox Function And Now Extract Inbuilt Busybox On First Start.
– Add Core Patch To Emulation But With Xposed Only, If Enabled Will Use Legacy Patching Rather Than Using Advanced Mechanism Patcher Uses By Default, Add Details In Help In English.
– Added Restart SystemUI In Rebooter.
– Refined Device Details Algorithm And Should Load Detailed Information Of Binaries Including Their Location.
– Stop Fetching Details When Hide Device Details Is Enabled To Save Some Time.
– Added New Icon And Wallpaper Thanks Morpheus.
– Updated Some Custom Patches.
– Removed Some Custom Patches Of Expired Apps.
– Removed Download Option In Patch Menu, I Don’t Provide Any Copyrighted Product, Get By Your Own For Testing.
– Rework Check For Updates.
– Unpatching Of Code Patch Before Updating Is Only Required On Kitkat Or Below Devices, Lollipop And Up Devices Do Not Need Unpatch The Code Patch Before Updating.
– Major Optimizations And Fixes Under The Hood.
– Translations Updated.
– Bugs Fixed.